A Los Angeles based, 'hands-on' producer with over twenty five feature films to his credit.  Yoram has overseen multi-million dollar projects for companies including among others Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, MGM, Paramount, Nu-Image/Millennium. Films under his auspices have shot both in the US and internationally, including: Romania, Luxembourg, Canada, Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa, The UK, and The Czech Republic, including: “ADAM RESURRECTED”, “FEARDOTCOM”, “A BRIDGE OF DRAGONS”, “WARRIORS OF VIRTUE”, “COLD HARVEST” and “HOLLYWOOD PALMS” and HIGH VOLTAGE, which were shot in Los Angeles.

Yoram is versed in the different nationality requirements of the international co-production, in addition to all US states’ incentives, the US unions' requirements, payroll and regulations and complete production accounting.
Before pursuing a career in producing Yoram was a Production Designer on more then 15 feature films.
At the present, Yoram is the Head of Production of Equilibrium Entertainment.  He is now involved with numerous films, which are in different stages of production.  
Yoram holds MFA degree in Film Production from the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles and a BFA degree in Design from UCLA.